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I just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for pushing me, holding me accountable and at some points, really backing me into the places that I needed to be, whether or not I knew it. I wouldn't be in the mindframe I am in right now with your coaching and I'm thankful to have stumbled upon you and EMDR, about which I had no previous idea.

I feel light, freer, less worried and happier, even if only for the little bit post-session today, it feels remarkable. I have never talked about some of these things before I met you, and you make me feel as though none of it matters, and it doesn't, cause I'm an awesome person; and, even if I'm not quite there, I feel like I'm pretty close.

My friends have already noticed a big turn in my demeanor, attitude and conversation. I've been told I'm moving forward again finally, and have a greater awareness--and I think I have.I was fortunate enough to find your help and you've been a perfect guide out of the horrors of my past.

Ryan L. (Vancouver, BC)

Michael's honest and compassionate approach provided a setting whereby the EMDR method could provide its maximum benefit. With his insightful guidance, I was able to, in a relatively short time, address and overcome issues that had troubled me for decades. Michael is a very sensitive practitioner whose motivation is well grounded in the heart. I'm deeply grateful for his assistance. It has changed my life.

Andrew Ross

Michael, I was just thinking how it feels great to be so hopeful for the first time in my life; your work is priceless, and I am extremely happy to have met you.
Just wanted to thank you for your boundless knowledge and kind manner; you are very good at what you do."

A.S., Vancouver BC

I first visited Michael to determine my source of trust issues. Working through the full process of EMDR, from identifying defining moments in my life from 0 to 41, he was able to focus on 'the' traumatic event causing trust issues in my life today. After four visits, I broke through. I was shocked and amazed at how effective and quick the process is, and how the process continued to work for several months following that breakthrough. Trusting myself allowed me to remove negative influences in my life, and allow myself to trust others...something I never did easily before visiting Michael.

I returned to Michael eight months later to work through the source of my smoking and weight issues. Three visits later, he guided me through another breakthrough. The form of therapy, Michael's knowledge of the process, his kindness, and probing questions make what can be a traumatic experience equate to freeing your demons and allowing you to live the life you want to live. It's been one week since my last therapy session - I've lost 8 lbs, smoke less, and feel truly happy, from the inside out.
I thank Michael for working so effectively with me and guiding me in releasing the past and living the life I want today.

K.M. (Vancouver, BC)

"My obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety had become so severe that it was affecting every aspect of my daily functioning (i.e. work, sleep, relationships). This is when I turned to Michael for help. Michael helped me realize that the fears, thoughts and emotions that were disturbing me had no inherent meaning, that the real issue wasn't fear but FEAR of the fear. By changing my relationship to my fears, I have become a much calmer and more centred person. I had been to other therapists to deal with my OCD and anxiety, but none of them helped me as profoundly as michael did."

C, Vancouver

"My experience with Michael and his use of EMDR was absolutely astounding. Instead of hashing out old, painful memories for hours on end, Michael efficiently identified areas to target with EMDR and we were able to address them almost immediately.

I had EMDR years ago with another counselor, and it was a negative experience because I was not informed of the actual purpose or methodology used in EMDR. Michael explains the process clearly and concisely. He provides a comfortable, safe environment that allows you to dig deep into places you may not otherwise visit--all the while guiding you to find the answers within that have been there all along.

I have recommended Michael to many of my friends and would encourage anyone intrigued with EMDR and looking for a wonderful counselor to call him. He changed my life for the better."

Keyla Ohs, Vancouver BC

"You really have changed my life Michael. I gave myself new life the day I called you. Thank you with all of my heart."

N.L., Vancouver BC

Recently in an intimate relationship I became distressingly aware of distinctly negative and repeating patterns; I found myself slipping into a dark depression. Knowing that these patterns were deeply rooted in my past, I did not want to live the rest of my life in the same way. I had finally come to a place where I knew I could not resolve these issues alone.

Through a friend (and divine blessing) I found Michael at Mindful You Therapy.

I was initially refreshed by his nontraditional approach, and soon discovered a deeply caring and gifted healer.

After only 7 EMDR sessions I no longer question my own self-worth. Working with Michael has changed me on a very profound level, and has changed my life forever. What most delighted and surprised me was that by finding love and empathy for myself, I found love and empathy for those around me. For this, is am truely grateful.

I would not hesitate to highly recommend Michael's services, and encourage anyone who seeks a place of Inner Peace: it is possible! (And You are worth it!)

Let Michael at Mindful You Therapy, guide you there.

Lynette Schlichting, Vancouver BC

Verbal Psychotherapy & Counselling:

"I have felt depressed and hopeless very often in life without knowing the reason--especially so after being married. I chose to work with Michael to change my perspective, and work on my relationship with people. Michael has helped me tremendously, especially in his ability to make me look back into my past and dig into the root causes. He helped me dig into my problems in only a couple of conversations and I am very thankful to him."

PA, New York

Personal Excellence Coaching:

"Michael's approach successfully straddled the fine line between spiritual and practical concerns in addressing my business needs and questions. I went away feeling inspired and informed. While working together, Michael helped me see a refreshing new creative perspective, providing the right balance of knowledge and energy to make me passionate and motivated.

Michael Rouse
Producer, Lakeland Productions, Vancouver BC

Mindfulness Meditation/Addictions Workshop Facilitator:
I recently asked Michael to facilitate a morning meditation workshop/session during a conference for individuals at various stages of addiction recovery. Meditation is suggested as a key tool for managing life after making the decision to stop “picking up” or “using” but many do not know how, where to begin or even why this would be helpful to them therefore it does not become a priority in daily self care. Michael not only put together an excellent workshop answering those questions but went on further touching on mindfulness and self-awareness before guiding us through a meditation session which was invaluable for those who have never known what this looks or feels like.

The attendees were engaged, attentive, interested and focused which is not an easy task for people in early recovery. Many approach me after and said his workshop/session alone made the weekend conference worthwhile and felt armed with a solid foundation to start integrating the skills learned into their daily lives.
I found Michael to be down to earth, intuitive, able to get to our group level easily and I recommend him as a facilitator for this type of workshop and event anytime.

Lisa I. Abbotsford BC


EMDR* is accelerated psychotherapy... We offer short-term, lasting treatment to help you overcome depression, addiction, eating disorders, sleep disorders, phobia, chronic pain, relationship issues, direction/career, accident trauma/PTSD and much much more....

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